This particular area of investment opportunity is especially well-suited for captains.  It is the type of tangible Real Estate asset that can generate monthly cash flows in addition to increasing in value over time.  So, it is very possible to purchase a "unit" of income producing DIRT and to have positive monthly rents or lease revenues pouring into your account immediately.  What could possibly be a better use for your hard-earned income while you are away at sea?

In South Florida, there are endless warehouse deals, mixed use office scenarios, residential townhomes and condos that pass through the Real Estate marketplace every week.  I see them constantly and it troubles me when the deal goes to someone other than a captain who should have been positioned and prepared to pounce on the opportunity.  In fact, right now there is an outstanding deal getting ready to hit the market where brand new warehouses close to Marina Mile (State Road 84) near the shipyards are available for purchase, and owner financing is available! This is a perfect example of having the jump on the deal where we could have our choice of available units and get things moving.  These units will lease up immediately, and so a captain could have the first deal of his portfolio completed and earning cash flows before the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show!  Call me about that and I'll be glad to take you by to have a look before it hits the market.

Captain, I am passionate about finding a dependable and affordable opportunity for you.  If you have not saved anything to invest at this point, then that's all the more reason we should talk.  I have your long term interests in mind, and it all starts the very day you decide to get serious about putting together a plan to create extraordinary wealth through Real Estate. Please call me and let's discuss a plan that will put things in order for you over time.  I promise, you'll be glad you did.