I am passionate about helping captains get plugged into and take full advantage of unique opportunities out there to "park" cash into some form of value enhancing Real Estate rather than to squander it.  Spend your money once, its gone forever.  Invest in DIRT and it never goes away.  Homes, condos, warehouses, townhomes, whatever... DIRT is a timeless asset and you should own some.

You DON't have to have tons of money set aside to do this!!!

Lets face it - you guys make good money but most of you "piss it away so FAST" that its gone before you know it.  I believe it is meant to last, and maybe it's time we figure out how to make that happen for you. In my normal course of business, I monitor the specialty Real Estate market closely and often spot incredible opportinities where guys like you could direct some of your income so that it will be safe, and so you will own something that grows in value and is still available when you really need it. Believe me, time goes quickly and you will never have the same opportunity that you have today. By tommorrow, you will have forever lost the increasing value that could have begun to accumulate right now!

Please call me so we can talk about buying, selling or investing in some form affordable Real Estate that works for you.  Don't wait until its too late!