Why Dirt? 

Real estate in any one of its forms is the answer.  It never goes away, nobody is making any more of it, it can’t be stolen or eaten, and it can’t cheat on you while you’re at sea.  So the truth is it’s time for you to spend a little effort to understand what I have to offer.  And it’s very simple… I understand the life you live, the challenges that captains face and the inclination you feel to click off this screen right now, but please don't - I can help you.  By understanding your risk tolerance, your locational preferences, your ability to discern and your propensity to pounce when an opportunity arises, I can keep a close watch on all of the opportunities that hit the growing real estate market and search for the one that is right for you.  I am able to bunch opportunities into groups and immediately notify captains who have asked me to alert them when we have a match with what they’re looking for.  After a quick review and some effective due diligence, our approach often leads to an offer on the table before anyone else has even seen the opportunity.  We strategically attack the right project for YOU and leverage every conceivable variable to work on your behalf.  Our goal is to end up with an outstanding deal for our captain EVERY TIME.  And that translates to a long term stream of positive cash flows and higher net worth on your Balance Sheet. 

Look, you only spend your money once when you squander it.  And then you have to earn it all over againBut not with real estate.  You invest your money when you acquire real estate because in many cases you begin to enjoy immediate returns (rent, lease, increased market value, etc.).  While your investment is paying for itself, it is also worth more.  The impact is four-fold because:
1.  You’ve “engaged your money” but its not gone (you’ll get it back when you sell the asset);
2.  Its earning you money from whatever income stream it produces;  
3.  It is increasing in value all the time; and
4.  The opportunity cost of having spent your money elsewhere would have cost you additional time to recoup it thru subsequent additional earnings.

Now your efforts to earn plus the income you produce are simply piled on!  CAPTAIN… we need to find you some affordable dirt!  Please call me and I'll show you what I mean.