Business Investment DIRT

Owning business DIRT is a higher intensity asset that can have more edge to its demeanor.  That's a nice way of saying "higher risk", but a respectful way of saying "bigger rewards" (hell yeah).  Huge upside is in the cards for a captain that wants to buy in to a concept, or a service, or an idea that somebody else has already started moving.  Opportunities will vary in maturity levels as some will be novel concepts still on a drawing board while others are up and operating and bringing home some serious cash flows.  
DIRT comes with most of these opportunities, but not always.  Sometimes the business is operating on leased property and needs to be re-situated onto its own piece of real estate for long term growth (called "upside").

Once again, my financial expetise and my passion to find the perfect opportunity for you will weigh heavy in the outcome of your search for a deal.  Whether your preference for business investment
DIRT turns out to be a small personal storage facility, a hunting camp or a boat dealership, chances are we can find one that you can be proud to own.  In fact, right now I've listed a boat dealership for sale in Gainesville, Florida that has HUGE cash flows and sits in an outstanding drive-by location for all to see.  They've been in business for nearly two decades and it is still growing strong.  This owner wants to retire so he and his wife can move to the coast and spend time with the grand-kids.  He is asking less than half what the business is worth and is even willing to provide owner financing for the right guy to take over.  This is the best opportunity I've seen in a long time.  You should call me if you want to learn more.

So I hope that if you have an interest to purchase a business
DIRT you will contact our offices or call me on my cell phone (954) 298-7703.  I will work tirelessly to find your perfect opportunity.