This is DIRT in its raw and most manipulable, and most stable form.  Once purchased, it will not go anywhere so long as you pay the property taxes and don't grow pot, and its value will rise with the economy.  If you do your research, or in this case if you pay close attention to mine, you may have the opportunity to purchase DIRT that is well-positioned to rise drastically in value as other developments are built around it.  Or you may like your DIRT and the lake it is on and so you fish for bass or water ski, or chill in a hammock on weekends while you're in port.  If you have an inexpensive trailer parked there, now you have a pad in the woods, or downtown - whatever.  While you do, your parcel's value is continually rising, while you're sleeping, while you're at sea, and while you're on vacation.  You can always convert your DIRT into cash if you choose.

This concept is something that captains really need to consider and to act upon.  I am dedicated to searching out the very best opportunities on the market so you guys can take advantage of owning a tangible and realiable asset.  Once I understand your criteria for a parcel of DIRT (the price you can afford to pay, the general location you prefer, the size, the layout and the composition of its physical attributes), then I will search and monitor the market relentlessly to find it.  Meanwhile, you and I will work on preliminary issues to put you miles ahead of other buyers so we will be uniquely positioned to "pounce" when we find the perfect fit. Your contract will be on the table before most others even know the opportunity is out there, and the limited time frame for our buyer to accept your offer will "encourage" him to seriously consider your "bird in the hand". He is at risk to let the time expire and to pass on your deal because he has no guarantee that another will show up.  Since ours is not an emotional acquisition strategy, we simply move on to the next one.  That puts you at the helm in your deal. Translation? Value for YOU!

The main focus here is to divert SOME of your hard-earned earnings into a tangible, non-depreciating, simplified and dependable vehicle that will preserve and create value for you over time. That way, you earn your money once, you put it to work (as opposed to spending it) and you reap exceptional benefits down the road of life.

Captain! I am passionate about finding a dependable and affordable opportunity for you.  If you haven't saved anything to invest, then that's all the more reason we should talk.  I have your LONG TERM interests in mind, and it all starts the day you decide to get serious about creating wealth through Real Estate.  Please call me and lets discuss a long and short term plan that will put things in order for YOU.  I promise, you'll be glad we did.